Friday, March 25, 2011

Somebody Call 9-1-1

           See what happens when Rene sings the National Anthem?  Ass kicking happens! What a game.  From start to finish the Bruins played a hard fought game. The B's did what they wanted, when they wanted.  They scored 7 goals tonight against a team that needed to win tonight to keep up with the B's in the standing and have a fighting chance for 3rd place.  Carey Price had a horrible, horrible game allowing 5 goals on 33 shots and got pulled early in the 3rd period.  There was absolutely no fight in this game for the Canadiens.
               As for the Bruins, they played the best game of the season tonight, and to say that this late in the season is pretty impressive.  The power play even got going tonight with a goal and looked very impressive peppering the Montreal net with good quality shots.  Horton and Campbell with 2 goals a piece and Chara, Lucic, and Krejci all recorded 3 assists, career highs for Lucic and Chara.  Thomas made 24 saves tonight and got his 25th career shutout tying him with Byron Dafoe for 6 on the All Time Bruins list.  The only player that didn't have a good game tonight according to the birthday boy, Jack Edwards, was Tuuka Rask. 
                Tonight's victory was a team effort.  The B's were playing great in the defensive zone, offensive zone, and the neutral zone, capitalizing on all turnovers.  Not being very physical tonight and playing the way that Montreal plays, making great passes and taking quality shots.  They played Montreal hockey tonight and won. So for the Montreal yahoo's who say that the B's only win when their physical, SUCK IT. For the doubters who said the Bruins couldn't keep up with a fast pace team, SUCK IT. And for those of you who said that the Canadiens were going to win this game, SUCK IT!  We beat the Montreal Canadiens playing THEIR game.  Even on the penalty kill we scored on a 5-3, and killed all 4 of their power plays.

              On a side note the most important part of this game was the 2 points that the Bruins got for the victory.  They are now 5 points ahead of Montreal in the standings with 2 games in hand.  Also as slim as it might be, they do have a fighting chance at 2nd place in the East being only 4 points behind Washington with 1 game in hand.

3rd Star = N/A
2nd Star = N/A
1st Star = The Boston Bruins!

Needless to say no disappointments tonight!

Till Nest Time,
The B's Knees

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