Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Habs "Winning"!

              Going into this game my confidence level was really, really high.  I thought the B's had this game in the bag, no question about it.  There was no way the Canadiens would win this game after what the Bruins did to them almost a month ago in Boston.  Boy was I WRONG. 
              The Habs squished the B's like "cockroaches" as a Canadien fan put it.  This game was embarrassing from the moment that Claude Julien started Rask over Thomas, I mean how do you start Rask in a game like this.  It wasn't the end all be all of the season but still a very important 2 points.  The defense was HORRIBLE, the offense was M.I.A, and goal tending was HORRID.  Rask looked like a boy amongst men.  The 1st line looked like they belonged in the AHL and the defense, well a 4-1 score pretty much tells it all. 
Where was the intensity in this game?  The end to end play making? The physical play that the Bruins are known for?  The defense was missing passes up ice, not finishing their checks, leaving men wide open in front of the net (i.e Eller's goals).  The non existent power play was once again 0-for, but tonight looked like the power play before the Kaberle trade, seemed like they just didn't have a chance to get in position to get anything going and the penalty kill couldn't get the puck out of the defensive zone and let the Canadien’s score 2 power play goals.  
Chara, Chara, Chara what can I say. After seeing the replay several times it WAS a dirty hit. He shouldn't of finished his check at that point.  I do not think he meant to hurt Pacioretty, but, a dirty play is a dirty play and he deserves to be suspended for atleast 1 game.  He did however apologize after the game and hoped that Pacioretty was okay.  He also said that wasn't his style of play and he never intends on hurting anybody, I tend to agree with him on that comment.  There are times where Chara backs off of players around the boards because he is scared of hurting them and also times, I'm sure, that he doesn't give it his all when he shoots that 106 mph afraid of really knocking someone out.
Montreal just had everything going for them.  They played like their lives were on the line. Everything they were doing was working; they looked like the Red Wings of the late 90's.  Carey Price played like a Vezina Trophy winner or perhaps like Tim Thomas does.  I'm done with tonight's game it was just one of those games where who hope you forget about real quick.  Bring on the Sabres Thursday night quick please!!

3rd Star=N/A
2nd Star= N/A
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