Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chara Hit

                     Yesterday I posted the Chara hit on Pacoretti was dirty. After watching the video over and over and over again I came to realize the hit was clean. That's right, I said clean.  Pacoretti was trying to be sneaky and skate along the boards after a light dump in and Chara decided to block his path by finishing his check.  Unfortunately Chara pushed him directly into the stanchions where his head got stuck for a second, then fell onto the ice and banged his head, leaving him with a severe concussion and a fractured vertebra.  Now I know there is a lot of people who will disagree with me on this, especially Canadien fans, which is fine, they are fans, they are suppose to support their team.  BUT, I find it a little ridiculous when the Montreal Police department is getting “inundated” with phone calls demanding that they arrest Chara.  ARREST Chara for his hit on Pacoretti?!  It is very unfortunate for Pacoretti that he got hurt as bad as he did, but this SAME exact hit happens almost every game and usually players just seem to get the wind knocked out of them.  Is it really necessary to call the Police over this?   Get a clue Habs fans!!!
           It's one thing to support your team, it's a complete other thing when you’re calling the Police department because one of your players is in an unfortunate circumstance.  If only I knew how to speak French, I would at this moment type in the word IDIOTS....

             In the 2nd period of last night’s game there was another hit that nobody seems to remember or want to talk about.  That at the very least deserves a fine.  The hit I'm talking about was the intentional knee to knee hit that Thomas Plekanec laid on Milan Lucic. I believe that hit deserved a fine only because it was intentional.  No one seems to want to talk about that one, Habs fans seem to forget about that play.  It wasn't even as close to Pacoretti’s injury but that also could of been career threatening.

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