Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bring on the Habs

              So the Bruins are playing the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs Eh.  After Montreal's win against the Maple Leafs last night they clinched the sixth seed and the Flyers beat out the Islanders so they clinched the second seed, meaning that the Bruins will stay in third place and have to play the Montreal Canadiens. 
            Too say the least its going to be an EXCITING series between these two teams, with so many story lines, the most recent would be of the Max Pacioretty hit.  Sports talk radio is going to have a field day with this series and maybe we will even hear Felger and Mazz go at it again with Canadian sports talk stations.  A couple of question’s I have is, in game three of the series, Will Big Z get silver bracelets as soon as the plane lands in Montreal?  Or, Will the Montreal Police Department distract Big Z with stupid questions enough to distract his game?  Will the Bruins have to sleep in the Bell Centre so that the dumb-ass Canadien fans don't do anything stupid to ANY of the Bruins players?  We will soon find out enough.  With the playoff schedule being released later this afternoon, I can't wait to be at Game 1 Wednesday or Thursday rooting for my beloved Bruins.
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